You likely know who I am, and I probably know you.  Chances are we spend a large amount of time together, and for that I am likely greatful.  I do want to express myself in a more complete way, and I believe that this blog will aid in that pursuit.  Since this is an ‘about’ page, here’s a bit about the author of this blog:

age: 24

height: 6’2″ish

weight: 245 lbs. (I’m not ashamed of that either)

employer: the interent

life’s goal: to pursue beauty and promote right relationships between those who are close to me, and those I feel could be close to me if given the chance.  I want to see the people around me become who they are in a more complete way, and I want them to help me become more of who I am.  I want to accomplish this by asking and refusing to shy away from the tough questions, or even the questions I don’t know, or even couldn’t know, to ask.  Let’s put aside all of the bullcrap social norms that society tells us to live by, and see where it is that Jesus wants to take us.

favorite pair of shoes: my sperry’s (and I have never been in a frat)

Those are two differnet pictures of me.  If this is really an about page, that says a lot about me.  The one of me that shows me as a large man was me at an estimated 370-380 pounds in October 2006.  The skinnier, dancier, me is at about 250 taken in December 2008.  Crazy where the Lord can take you, and what your story can do in only two years time.


One response to “about

  1. val

    I have told almost everyone in my family about you and your story that you shared with the group. Thanks for being an inspiration.

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