A Boxing Day to Remember

This October Jen Borden and I started dating. We’ve been great friends for about four years or so, but we had just never given dating a chance.

Things went really well, and by the end of October I knew that she was the woman destined to be my wife. I started praying a lot more, having conversations with LOTS of people, dreaming, and hoping for good things in the near future.

I bought a ring, talked to her dad, and made some plans for the engagement night. Here is that story…

The ring! But not on her finger.

If you know Jen you know she doesn’t necessarily love a big surprise. I’m pretty sure she was the kid growing up that liked to find her Christmas presents and peek before Christmas morning. I on the other hand, was the kid that didn’t look for my presents, and would wait patiently on December 25th for my parents to give the ‘all clear’ signal before running into the living room to check out my bounty of gifts. With this in mind I started talking with Jen about marriage pretty early on. I wanted her to catch up to the same line of thinking that I was experiencing, for her and for me (you don’t propose unless you know the answer is going to be “YES!”).

I liked the idea of a Boxing Day proposal because I had never celebrated Boxing Day before, and who doesn’t love a new holiday to add to the calendar year? Plus, we wouldn’t get to do Christmas with each other, and this was a great excuse to take her out to a nice dinner without arrousing any real suspicions. It was with this excuse that I told her I’d pick her up at 5 on Dec. 26th, and we’d go out to a nice dinner…oh, and I wanted her to dress up.

I showed up at her house a few minutes earlier than she had anticipated, and I asked her to put on some shorts and a tshirt and come talk to me really quick, I wanted to show her something. When she came downstairs I gave her a giftcard to Anthropologie (her favorite store) for ‘One Dress of Her Choice.’ I knew she’d love this gift, and it took away some of the surprise, but I still got to have fun with her reaction. Off we went to the store, and she started shopping.

It wasn’t too long before I was planted on a plush couch in the store reading a book about Luck, when she emerged looking more beautiful than ever. She picked out a black dress with stitched in flowers around the bust. She was cute, fun, and gorgeous. I was so excited! I offered to buy her some earrings and a necklace to go along with the new dress, and she took me up on the earrings, but turned down the offer for the necklace. Strange, I know.

We left from the store and went to the restaraunt for dinner. The Grove is a nice place at Discovery Green in downtown Houston, a park where we had our first date. We had an amazing dinner, and talked for a long time. After dinner I let her know that I had a surprise for desert and that I needed to run to the car to grab the desert. I ran out to the car, grabbed the ring, a letter I had written her, and a cooler containing a piece of pecan pie from Goode Co. BBQ and a bottle of champagne.

It was then, on the chilly December night that we set up a blanket overlooking downtown Houston and enjoyed a piece of super sweet pie. We talked, laughed and I broke out the letter containing exactly what I would say. Long story short, I asked, and she said yes!!! Wow, what a great feeling!

My amazing friend Cabe came out and took pictures for us right after I popped the question, capturing the excitement, fun, and overwhelming butterflies we were both feeling.

Following the photoshoot, we met family, friends and friends to be at a wine bar in Houston for drinks and laughs.

Thank you Jen, for this night and for making me so very happy. Pictures from the night below:



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6 responses to “A Boxing Day to Remember

  1. tim

    YUP! This is Awesome! congrats.

    tim and kris

  2. Joe

    Now that’s an engagement story to be proud of!

  3. steph

    I mean seriously…love you guys and good job Andrew! Beautiful girl and a beautiful ring! Love you guys!

  4. tdsteele

    Ekk! I am so so happy for the two of you. I love this story!

  5. Elaine

    Aw, Andrew, I just now read this beautiful thing from your point of view. Way to make me cry! You are so sweet. Hooray for Team Kilzer!

  6. Michelle

    yay! you guys are beautiful people in more ways than 1! and handsome too!

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