Ok, so I’m not dead.

I haven’t blogged in quite a while. It isn’t that I don’t like this blog anymore, it’s just that life as of late hasn’t been full of things to write about. Not that I’ve just been sitting on my butt doing nothing, rather the opposite has been true, I’ve been going and haven’t really stopped to write much of anything.

I’m turning a few things over in my head that should make for better posts in the near future, so I suppose you could say this entry is really just to say that Calves from the Stall isn’t dead, it’s just been on a hiatus. But, this week it comes ROARING BACK!! (Sorry I just e-yelled at you. Rude I know, but I gotsta keep you on your toes… keep ya guessing.)

Until I find the time to pen some real thoughts, here’s a blog I’ve been having a lot of fun with lately:

1001 Rules for My Unborn Son

This guy’s hilarious. I tried to convey some of the same things in a post I made a while back (About Being a Guy), but Lemond takes it to a level I never even dreamed of. Good stuff right there.

Oh, and another site actually used something I wrote a while back from the entry about Texas in a Day. Texas Outdoor Movie Blogs quoted little ole me. Pretty cool.

Alright, check back again in a day or so as I’ll have something to really share with you. Until then…



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3 responses to “Ok, so I’m not dead.

  1. Ben

    I was all about that 1001 rules site for a while… and then I saw the dumbest rule ever… “Lennon, not McCartney”

    That guy is an idiot.

  2. Nick

    And I quote… “Alright, check back again in a day or so as I’ll have something to really share with you. Until then…”

    Hum… here it is November 18th, a solid 3 weeks later…

  3. emilyjewell

    Update your blog Kilzer.

    Also, you were on TV Thursday. Celebrity!

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