Football Season is Upon Us

Most of the year is pretty chill around my office. This week though marks the beginning of Aggie Football Practice. Fun, but tiring. Here are a couple of shots I took this morning out at practice.



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6 responses to “Football Season is Upon Us

  1. Ben

    Shots look great, man! Very impressed.

  2. you should take some action shots of me watering the grass at the townhomes. so real. so raw.

    these look good. the pictures, not the dudes.

  3. steph lee

    So, I want to talk with you about some dance action shots soon. You are really good at this!!!

  4. Nick

    I’d like to publish one of your pictures in my magazine, and what’s more, I’d like to pay you for it.

    I’d LIKE to do that but since I have neither a magazine, or money to pay you with, some OOO’s and AAAHHH’s will have to do.

  5. Nick

    Bubba! Update your Blog huh?

  6. Nick

    Wow… wow! 2 months with now Andrew update… I’m starting to have some withdrawls I think…

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