Unit #3

Haven’t blogged in a while. Not too sure why, just haven’t felt the need to get anything out of my head where this blog is the most appropriate place for that to happen.

I have moved as of late, and some great things are happening as a result. Though I’m going to start off by listing, as I see them, the crappy things about moving:

1. Packing. This is the most outrageously daunting task I undertake each year. Looking at all of the things I’ve accumulated, all the dust that has settled, and all of the things I still insist of clinging too makes me a bit sad. Though finding that one book you’ve been searching for, or having a chance to rummage through old pictures is often a wonderful result of a move. Still not sure that it’s worth it.

2. Cleaning. This sucks. Plain and simple.

3. New places. I don’t consider myself averse to change. I can embrace new surroundings and new people with relative ease, but not when moving. I have a hard time eating when I move to a new house. I have a hard time connecting with friends for the first week or so of living in a new home. I think when I’m comfortable and know what to expect is when I’m often functioning at my most complete, and the move mixed with a new bed, new lighting, new toilet throw me for a loop and it takes some time to adjust.

Living in the place Ian and I do now, Eagle Town homes, has been wonderful thus far. I hear lots of talk from friends of mine wanting to ‘live in community’ or do ‘communal living’ with one another. For a time this seemed like a pipe dream, or something that would be difficult at best to achieve. That to say, I wasn’t ever going to go out of my way to make something like this happen. After all, I own a car, and don’t mind driving 10 minutes to visit someone. The Eagle complex though doesn’t just boast a number of refurbished homes, it also houses 8 close friends. Friends who like coming over a drinking a beer and reading poetry. Friends that like making pancakes in the morning and sharing them with two single guys out of love and a hint of pity. Friends who don’t mind you stopping by to provide comic relief as they feverishly remodel their home while preparing to sell another.

These things are good. Having other believers close by is good. Though at some point this could easily fall apart and become just another dull part of my life if allowed to do so. I want to fight against that feeling. I want to fight for living as a family with these people. The other night Tim said something that’s been rattling around in my head ever since, “Community is something you see in the rear view mirror.” Wait, what? His point was that community shouldn’t be the goal we are shooting for. Community is the overflow of living with people as a family.

I like that. I like living with a family, and them being my community as a result.

So to my new family, welcome to me. Welcome to the things that are both good and bad about who I am, and who I am becoming. To all of you, I say that I can’t wait to get used to your wonderful expressions of love, and your shortfalls while seeking to live true life. This is going to be good. I just know it.

I guess moving isn’t so bad. Once you get all of your crap packed up and transported, all the dust and grime wiped away from the old place, and as soon as waking up in a new room doesn’t kinda freak you out any more, you realize you’re at home with family. That’s reassuring to me. Now if I could only find fresh pancakes every morning this thing would end up working out better than I ever imagined.



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2 responses to “Unit #3

  1. i owe you, like, 13 cans of beer. and you’ve only been here two weeks.

    this is good stuff. i’m grateful as well.

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