ESPN used my pic!

I found out this morning that there was a chance might use one of my pictures on their College Football Recruiting page. Thinking it was a long shot at best I dismissed the idea and just went about with my day.

I got on and checked though at about 2:30 this afternoon, and sure enough there it was, a picture I had taken being used on the world’s leading sport website. Pretty cool. Here’s a link to the page my picture is on: ESPN College Football.

Because that will inevitably be taken down by the powers at ESPN, I took a screenshot and you can see that right here:

A picture I took being featured on!

(You can click the picture to see it in full sized glory!)

Yes they did a little photoshopping to make it fit their purposes. They extended the fence on the right side, I suppose that’s just what you get when someone like uses your picture and gives you little more than name credit on the page.



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2 responses to “ESPN used my pic!

  1. Joe

    Dude, that’s awesome!

  2. dude, this is very cool. i know how i would feel if one of my lizard sex poems was used as the forward to a smithsonian published study of reptiles, so i am congratulating you with the sincerest of congrats. keep up the good work. i’ll be stoked to see who pays for your work in the future.

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