Church at night?

(read the above title like you would hear it while watching Braveheart)

I really like visiting small Texas towns. I had been to Independence, TX before but that was during the day time. During the day the town doesn’t boast much of anything really. Sure they were once one of the richest cities in the state. Sure the the original Baylor campus was in their town, and then they housed the Baylor Women’s campus after the men moved to Waco. Other than that though, not too much to be seen in the daytime.

At night however something more interesting comes to life. The lighted church tour through Independence. Six churches in the area, all either Baptist or Lutheran, have been outfitted with architechtural lighting. The lights accentuate the beautiful steeples and gables that welcome worshippers into these houses of the Lord. (Does that sound right? I’m not sure.)

Anyway, here are some of the pictures from the lighted church tour, which was actually just us driving around in the car finding these churches.

St. Matthew Lutheran Church. This church had a strange creature living over the door.

Immanuel Lutheran Church. This had the coolest old cemetary. We found one grave that dated back to the 1820’s.

Bethlehem Lutheran Church with a cool shot of the moon in the background.


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  1. Travis

    I like that third shot quite a bit. Very cool.

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