Portraits of a Robot Scorned

My inspriation for the day. Constructed out of a PVC 't' piece for the body, a water faucet connector hose for the arms, toilet ball for the head, wine cork eyes, and a funnel for his hat.

My comgroup is full of some of the most creative poeple I know. They do things at the drop of a hat that make me step back and look on with amazement at not only how their brains work, but at the skill and passion with which they are able to express themselves.

For some time now we’ve been throwing around the idea of having a ‘Creative Display Night,’ where everyone creates something and then brings it to the group for everyone to experience and enjoy. I’ve championed this idea for a while now because not only do I love seeing/hearing/experiencing what people create, but I also really love getting to hear the story behind what it is that people have made, and what it was like for them in the process.

I entered a series of photos that I’m choosing to call: Portraits of a Robot Scorned. It started as a silly idea where I was interested in seeing if I could build a robot (defined later) which might allow me to capture some simple emotions from an inanimate object. Think wall-e. I defined robot as: a collection of parts from the hardware store, made to look like some form of life, but that doesn’t actually do anything that we, modern humans, might think of a robot doing. Mark actually informed us all that robot originally comes from the Czech robota, “servitude, forced labor,” from rab, “slave.” Interesting, my robot was serving me in a field in front of my house, and he didn’t really have much say as to whether or not he was used in this manner.

After comgroup I was curious as to how this stuff was received.  I understand that this is fairly strange.  Most people sit down and write a poem, or paint a picture, I build a ‘robot’ and then take pictuers of him emoting around my house.  Admittedly I did this because I saw someone else create a gallery that was similar.  I think I do this 1)because I saw something that inspired me and I was reacting to that sort of emotion, and 2)because I’m pretty good at imitating what other people have done.  I was given the challenge after comgroup though, that I need to find my own voice.  Find my ‘robot’ if you will.  I’m not sure how that’s going to happen, but I’m excited at starting to try.  More to come on this soon!



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2 responses to “Portraits of a Robot Scorned

  1. Every once in a while people find out what I do for a living. In most of those cases, an awkward religious sort of conversation ensues. Those conversations often tail off as I try to answer standard religious questions, usually very ineffectively. Apparently it’s helpful in these moments as a pastor-type to have a church with a denomination, building, and easy-to-cite attendance numbers and other recognized growth benchmarks. Without those, I end up talking about people and all sorts of unquantifiable organic activity. And that’s where it tends to fall apart. I tend to get either the uncomfortable quizzical head-tilt or the back-slap-good-talkin-to-ya-preacher. I’m always trying to come up with better ways to convey to people what kinds of folks and ideas we’re cooking up. Next time I’m just going to tell them that I’ll send them a link to a post about what’s going on in our small groups. And there they’ll see sad homemade robots. This should enhance our religious street cred considerably.

    • andrewkilzer

      Thad, what you don’t realize is that I have way more of this stuff that for whatever reason doesn’t make it up onto my blog. If you need more ammo for those sorts of conversations let me know, and I’ll do my best to get you something that really expresses this motley crue you help to pastor.

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